My Rules for Photoshoots.

1) If we have not met before I meet with the model in a public place to discuss the shoot.

2) Models are encouraged to bring another person with them if they want.

3) Models should be on-time to a little early ready to shoot at the appointment time.

My Home Studio

My home studio is fully equipped with professional lighting and 6 backdrops as well as a day bed for boudoir shoots.  I have a wardrobe closet and also many props, jewelry, shoes, hats and boots. We can re-create a outdoor or indoor look with ease.

Trade for Prints(TFP) Photo shoots

Trade for Prints(TFP) shoots are photo shoots where neither the model or the photographer are compensated in monetary form.  Both receive full access to the photos to use in advertising and brochures for marketing or building portfolios.  A full release is signed by both the photographer and model that allows both to use them. Sales of the photos by either the photographer or model are negotiated.

 Being Prepared for the Photo shoot

Makeup and Hair take time, please be ready when you arrive so there is only touchup.

Lay out your wardrobe, shoes, jewelry accessories the night before and write down what goes with what.

If you have bruises, scars, or other marks that you do not want in the photos tell me, we will either cover them or shoot so these don't have to be edited.

If you like a particular type of music tell me either when you get here or ahead of time so I can key it up. 


The model/client is required to sign a release that will be immediately emailed to them.  This release varies depending on whether it is a paid shoot, a shoot where the model is paying or TFP(See above).